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Saturday, November 25, 2017
Name: Alireza
Family: Fatehi
Rank: Associate professor
Department: Electrical engineering - control
Home page: http://wp.kntu.ac.ir/fatehi
Email: fatehi(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir


Fields/Core Research Areas:

Smart Control

Systems Identification & Modeling

Industrial Systems Control

Adaptive & Nonlinear Control


* Director of Advanced Process Automation &Control (APAC) research group
* Member of Systems and Control Department
* Member of Mechatronics Department & Artificial Intelligence

  • Ph.D: Electrical Engineering - Control Systems, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, March 2001.

    Supervisor: Prof. Kenichi Abe Thesis:“ Multiple Modeling of Time-varying Systems by Self-organizing Map Neural Network.”
  • M.Sc: Electrical Engineering - Control Systems, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran, January 1995.

    Supervisor: Prof. Caro Lucas Thesis:“Design and Regulation of Intelligent Controllers for Industrial Processes.” (Second grade in Control Eng., Third
  • B.Sc: Electrical Engineering - Electronics, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, September 1990.


Research Activities:

- Intelligent Control Systems

- Process Control

- Multiple Modeling and Control

- System Identification

- Universal Control Systems

- Nonlinear Predictive Controllers

- Soft Sensors

- Mechatronics Systems

Academic Activities:

1)Design of Switching Regulator Power Supplies, 1988-1990.

2)Design of Central Telephone Systems, 1988-1989

3)Design of Control System for Tufting machine, 1989

4)Design of PSK MODEM, 1991-1992

5)Design of Electrical and Control System of a Chemical Reactor Pilot Plant, 1991

6)Commissioning of Khash and Hormozgan Cement Plant, 1995-1997

7)Commissioning of a Crank Shaft Production Machine, 1996

8)Consulting of Cement Plants, 1995-7 & 2001

9)Design of a pH neutralization Pilot Plant, 2007

10)Design of a New Type of Quadruple Tank Pilot Plant, 2007

Interested Research Fields:

Intelligent Control, Process Control, Multiple Modeling and Control, System Identification, Industrial Automation, Mechatronics Systems


* Postgraduate Courses:

- Fuzzy Control

- Advanced Process Control

- Soft Computing

- Digital Control

- Industrial Automation

* Undergraduate Courses:

- Linear Control Systems

- Industrial Control

- Introduction to Intelligent Systems

- Operations Research



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