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Saturday, November 25, 2017
Name: Alireza
Family: Salehi
Rank: Professor
Department: Electrical engineering - electronics
Home page: http://wp.kntu.ac.ir/asalehi
Email: salehi(at-sign)kntu.ac.ir


Fields/Core Research Areas:

Microtechnology & Sensors




  • Ph.D: 1992-1995 PhD in Microelectronics (University of Wales, College of Cardiff, UK), Title of thesis: Radiation damage and thermal treatment in ITO layers and rectifying contacts

  • M.Sc: 1988-1992 MSc in Electronics (University of Bremen, Germany), Title of thesis: Wigner Ville transformation and its application in speech processing (in German)

  • B.Sc: 1982-1986 BSc in Electrical Engineering (FH Kiel, Germany), Title of thesis: Different core factors for transformers (in German)


Interested Research Fields:

My current research interests are design and fabrication of semiconductor devices, especially non-porous and porous Si- and III-V semiconductor devices.

Moreover, I am working on transparent conductors as opto-electronic devices and my students have done research on different detectors and transistors with various semiconductor materials under my supervision.
In addition I have done some VLSI design and technology in my lab. During the last years I supervised several PhD, MSc and BSc projects in different areas of Microelectronics.
Some of the projects supervised are as follow:

1. Porous-Si and GaAs Gas Sensors. For this research we have obtained excellent results, some of them have been published in refereed journals and conferences during 2004 and 2005.

2. MOS-MES Gas Sensors. This is an interesting research area from which we obtained excellent results and these will be published soon.

During the last few years I supervised 25 MSc projects with following titles. All of them have been finished with high marks of A and A*.

1. A Model for polycrystalline Silicon thin film transistors applicable in LCDs

2. Fabrication of Schottky gas sensors with high sensitivity and selectivity

3. Design and fabrication of Au/GaAs and ITO/GaAs Schottky diodes: Opto-electronic characterizations

4. Characterization of radiation damage in ITO/GaAs Schottky contacts

5. Design and fabrication of Hall-measure unit with application on semiconductor measurements

6. Growth of different oxide thicknesses on Si wafers: Characterization of MOS properties

7. Design and implementation of LPCVD set-up for growing graphite layers on ceramic substrates

8. Deposition of transparent conductors on different substrates using spray pyrolysis

9. Design and fabrication of near IR GaAs- LEDs using transparent conductors

10. Fabrication of gas sensor using tin oxide thin films by CVD

11. Compression of speech signals by CELP for switching systems

12. 10. Design and fabrication of meteorology station (Phase I)

13. Design and fabrication of meteorology station (Phase II): Implementation

14. Design and fabrication of indium doped tin oxide gas sensors by CVD

15. Design and fabrication of self-heated SnO2 gas sensors

16. Characterization of thin layer thermo-battery arrays

17. Design of a micro controller system for modern cars

18. Design and implementation of a control system for central lock in modern cars

19. Design and fabrication of a converter for solar cells used in high voltage lines

20. Characterization of ZnOAl transparent conductors on GaAs substrates

21. Characterization of thin tin oxide gas sensors with different amounts of indium

22. Characterization of Schottky contacts as gas sensors using porous GaAs wafers

23. Characterization of thin SnO2 films on porous gold metal used as gas sensor

24. Pd/porous-GaAs Schottky contacts as highly sensitive gas sensor

25. Implementation of a new model for thin film transistors (TFTs)


I have taught several Post-graduate and under graduate courses during my employing at K.N.Toosi University of Technology.

I have usually used new methods for lecturing especially when I intended to teach new courses in some of the semesters.
For the courses taught I usually used different labs to make the students familiar with experiments and made always a relation between theory and technology.
For some of the courses I have written course materials and distributed to the students.
To do a good self-assessment I usually use the student survey obtained by the university to improve my methods of lecturing. The courses taught during the past years are as follow:

A ) Courses taught for post graduate students:

1) Optical Electronics

2) Semiconductor Sensors

3) Solid State Electronic Devices

4) Semiconductor Devices I

5) Semiconductor Devices II

6) Transparent Conductors

7) Theory and Technology of Semiconductor Device Fabrication

B ) Courses taught for under graduate students:

1) VLSI Design and Technology

2) Modern Physics

3) Solid State Electronics



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