K. N. Toosi University of Technology
July 23, 2018

Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, KNTU-AE,
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In today’s societies, aerospace is one of the leading and popular scientific fields. Owing to the past-to-present interest in aerospace existing among human beings as well as to its recent development, a close correlation has been established between it and other fields of science and engineering. Such established correlation leads to increasing growth and advancement of aerospace itself, as well. Having progressively, positively impacted human life, and even the world, it should serve as the leading-edge of technology. Dear students, you are the prospective engineers of our society and, in the future, you would be the leaders of the aerospace science and industry; as a consequence, from here on, qualified yourself so that you can have such far-reaching and profound implications.
We cordially lionize your enrollment in our faculty, making an effective entrance not only into the aerospace science but also into its industrial applications, and ask Almighty God for your success in broadening your knowledge.
Hassan Karimi, Ph.D.
Head of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
Last Updated: 2017/11/28